Eat Sleep Breathe (and Shit)

Do it with us. You are invited to pass a night, morning and noon immersed in performance art presented in (and out of) a cycle of life activities. You will be fed and go to bed with performance art.

Saturday July 9, 7:00pm – Sunday July 10, 1:00pm
Bring your own pillow.
PWYC – suggested $10
RSVP – In order to receive dinner and breakfast please email:
VSVSVS – 25 Polson Pier – Get there:

Simon Black
Ulysses Castellanos
Annie Onyi Cheung
Vanessa Dion Fletcher
Adriana Disman
Morgan Eadie
Marisa Hoicka
Alexa MacKenzie
Stephen Mcleod
Johnson Ngo
Cara Spooner
Stacey Sproule
K. Till-Landry in collaboration with Sybil Prentice
Jessica Vallentin

TARPGHOST may appear

Iris Fraser-Gudrunas will DJ. There will be a dance party.

Eat Sleep Breathe (and Shit) is curated by Maggie Flynn